frustration into Freedom

One Expedition at a time

Discover personal growth challenges to realize your true self, build self-esteem and find your freedom.

What we do

We help you turn frustration into freedom

Step 1:
Get real with yourself

What causes you pain? 

What do you actually want?

Why do you want it?

Whats holding you back?

The goal is to become brutally honest and crystal clear. By telling yourself the truth and going deep you can actually do something about it.

Step 2:
Pick your quest

After you know where you are and know where you are going it is time do pick your next expedition/quest.

This one experience, course, adventure, skill or challenge will get you excited about your life again and helps you to become who you really are. 

Step 3:
Find your freedom

Time to execute your expedition/quest.

Most quests tend to be 30 days. If you fight your way through it, you'll come out on the other side with more confidence and slowly realize your true self. Your path to freedom has begun. 

Who this is for

Attention: This is NOT for everybody

If you have severe depression, suicide thoughts, depend on medications or looking for conventional help to cure mental illness & anxiety, this is NOT the place for you. You may want to consult a doctor.

To undergo these expeditions takes responsibility, a never giving up attitude and a strong desire to change. If you currently feel frustrated and trapped with your current life situation these expeditions help you to get to know yourself and build self-esteem, so over time you realize your true self.

This is your personal quest to find your freedom.

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