Nov 29

I can think – I can wait – I can fast

By Martin Brombeis | SM Post

Do you even #challenge yourself? (in the right way) 🚀

Putting more and more on your plate is challenging, but is it useful?🤔

Learning an uncommon language is challenging, but does it lead you in the right direction?

I don’t know about you but #personaldevelopment is a tool for me to explore, grow and evolve. 

It requires a lot of trust and courage to walk this path, but you get rewarded with insight that can only be gained by experience! 💫

Experience new things. 

Try and fail.

Stumble and fall. 

Learn and implement. 

See your life improve. 

And embrace this wonderful #adventure called life.

Two days ago I started with #intermittedfasting. Eating just twice a day at 11 am and 6 pm. That equals a minimum of 16 hours fast every day. 

For some that might be normal. For me, with an background in bodybuilding usually eating 4-5 times a day, it is a challenge. 

Just like written in the famous book #Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, I want to develop the following character traits:

🧠I can think

🧘‍♂️I can wait

🦴I can fast

Up to this point I feel pretty hungry because I am not used to it. Yet.

I will test it for the next two weeks to see whether or not I stick with it. 


How do you challenge yourself atm to become better? 😉

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Jan 19

How to start living within 5 seconds

By Martin Brombeis | Books For Freedom

Fear paralyzes. Fear prevents us from doing the things we really want to do. She takes the courage to say „yes“ to life and fulfillment remains just a daydream.But you can fill your existence with life and make you feel alive if you turn your head off for 5 seconds and physically move.Sounds weird. But is scientifically proven.In this article you will learn how it works

What if you could beat all your fears in 5 seconds?

I would like to introduce you today to one of the most valuable principles I have learned from Mel Robbins‘ American entrepreneur.This woman gave me an ass kick that a confessed seal officer would not have made.I’m talking about the 5 second rule.This rule says that after you have made a decision, you take action within 5 seconds, so that you do not give fear, self-doubt, and custodyitis any chance.With this habit, extraordinary results can be achieved in any area of lifeBut most of all, it makes you courageous and self-confident over time.Let me tell you how I got to know this rule for the first time.I rummaged through the Audible library once again when I happened upon this audiobook.Especially a part of the subtitle has caught my attention saying:“Transform your life, work and confidence with EVERYDAY COURAGE“Daily courage.Wow, that appealed to me!Everyone can be brave. In certain moments. When one is surrounded by his crew. When talking about a topic in which one is an expert. If you know that nothing can go wrong.But what about moments of uncertainty. In moments when you are on your own? In the moments when nobody is watching?Daily courage.I let it go through my head again and in my head pictures of ancient heroes, gods, myths and also some role models from the present time were part of the game.They all had one thing in common.Courage.I feel strong in her face and yet humility overcomes me.And there’s only one thing that can put me on the same level as her for a moment.The 5 second rule.Every time I use them, I feel lofty. Strong. Confident. And above all, happy.My goal is to use this 5 second rule as often as possible to gain that feeling of happiness as often as possible.But how does this rule work and how can you use it to bring your own life forward?Actually it is very simple. (Like most valuable things in life)Once you have made a decision, such asGet up and make your bed as soon as the alarm goes offWhen eating in the restaurant to choose the healthy optionTo address the pretty womanTo say your opinionAn adventure to experienceare you acting?And within 5 seconds!You literally count down from 5 and your job is to physically move within 5 seconds to start the action.That’s the big challenge.The real hurdle to master.All that follows is trifle.You will see that the fear disappears as soon as you do what you fear.Whether it’s talking in front of 100+ people or giving your opinion, even though it makes you vulnerable.It’s the 5 seconds that matter.The most fear is there anyway only in the head.We paint them in colorful pictures and work on their perfection.Until the fear has become so great that it paralyzes us.After all, at least we have no rational excuse not to take action and the opportunity for growth, self-confidence and happiness has passed.But is it the value?Is the comfort zone really so much nicer than pinching its buttocks together for a brief moment (the aforementioned 5 seconds) and then feeling a deep satisfaction?Count down in thoughts of 5 instead of letting your fear run wild.I do not know about you but for me it’s these moments that breathe life into my life.The short moment of 5 seconds. A short adrenaline rush and you will find yourself in the moment again.Looking back, you realize it was not that hard and you have taken another step towards a more fulfilling life.In the end, it does not matter how long you lived, but how intense and self-determined.What decisions could you make to fill your life with more actions?Get up when the alarm rings to not oversleep your life?Say „yes“ to an adventure?Start your own business and finally implement the idea of your head?Wear your running shoes?It’s best to start with little things to gain a little bit of confidence


The 5-second rule is one of the most powerful principles you can use in everyday life to overcome fear, gain courage, and take a step forward.Start with a simple thing like getting up within the first 5 seconds after your alarm sounds. Once you’ve done that for a week or two, you’ll see the power of that habit.If you are interested in the 5 second rule and want to understand it better, I highly recommend you to get the audiobook. I’ve probably listened to it 5x and it’s one of the best books ever!

This is an affiliate link where I get a small commission. For you no (additional) costs and you support my project. Thank you so much! 🙂