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In this quick read you’ll discover the benefits of intermitted fasting and a „30-day fasting challenge“ - should you choose to accept it.


The benefits you receive might be different, more, less or the same than mine so there is NO guarantee whatsoever. Except this…

You will sharpen your intuition, gain body awareness and increase your self-esteem, IF you have the courage to start and the discipline to persist. 

Sounds good?

Cool, let’s dive into it…

„It wasn’t too long ago when I was obsessed with bodybuilding & strength. Being pretty skinny throughout my life I craved muscle mass so much that I spent many years and thousands of euros in this field. I studied, trained, taught, eat and made progress, day by day. In short: It was awesome!

By swallowing a massive 1000+ kcal Milkshake right after waking up and following scientific dieting advice from doctors I gained muscle mass and strength like crazy.

There was only one problem…

Unfortunately, it seems as if my true desires did not seem to get fulfilled by the common dogmas of the fitness industry.

Deep down I was drawn towards vibrant health, energy and a state of "feeling good in my body". 

"Feeling good… performing good… and aging healthy. Isn’t that what we all want?"

My eating patters helped me in many ways but somehow it doesn't seem to do the whole trick for me. 

In exchange for high performance, strength and an amazing physique I had to pay a price. 

  • I was constantly hungry and craved for food all day long and stuffed myself with everything that came into my sight.
  • I identified myself with a false self. My ego thought I am this physical appearance and my performance.
  • Wanting more and more even led to digestive issues, aching joints and muscle pain

I had to ask myself:

What is it that I really want?  Is this who I am? Is this trade-off that I am making worth it?

The answer was clear, so I was researching and couldn't help but stick with the "deadliest enemy" for physical performance: Fasting.

The more I read  about this topic the more curious I became...

It was time for a new challenge!

Widely known benefits of (intermitted) fasting:

  • Release of Human Growth Hormones, that helps you build muscle mass & boost metabolism
  • Lower Insulin Levels, which further increases your fat burning while decreasing risk for diabetes
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects, so you recover from chronic pain, aching joints and injuries faster
  • A healthy gut, your essential tool to absorb nutrients and improve your mood  

Maybe it is hard for you to accept this information and I don’t blame you. It was the same for me.

In todays world is an abundance of information, misinformation, dogmas, opinions, lies and beliefs.

So much so, that for every doctor who claims A to be true, there is an Expert who claims B to be true.

In complete contradiction they shoot at themselves with „scientific proof“ „facts“ or „data“.

So whom should we trust?


„Taking action and exploring things on your own is un-negotiable if you want to grow as an independent person.“

You need to find YOUR truth.

So here is what I did: I dropped my ego and current paradigm to went on a 30-day fasting challenge.

To be perfectly honest, it was not easy!

Here are some symptoms I noticed when I started out with intermitted fasting:

  • Feeling incredibly hungry in the mornings
  • Doubting myself a lot if this was the right decision
  • Overeating when I was allowed to eat
  • Cravings for sweets

But hey… isn’t that the point of a challenge?

To challenge yourself to fight through obstacles?

Even I doubted this fasting thing - I persisted. 

"I might loose a lot of my muscle, feel hungry and weak, but at least I keep my word and stick it out..." I said to myself.

My mindset changed to a „not giving up attitude“. 

As the days went on I slowly started to feel changes.

Fasting for 16 hours every day became normal and with every successful day I felt more proud of myself!

Somehow addicted to these mini-successes I kept going.

More changes happened. 

My previously often bloated stomach flattened and my hunger during those fasting hours decreased

Additionally my energy (even during workouts on empty stomach) increased and I just felt better

Sounds too good to be true?

Fasten your seatbelt, here are even more things I discovered.

Unexpected benefits of (intermitted) fasting, that I discovered over time:

  • No more "hangryness" which helped me to stay kind and controlled in social situations
  • Laser beam focus, that skyrocket my productivity even usually I get distracted very easily 
  • Faster recovery, so my necessity of sleep got cut by 1 hour automatically
  • Eagerness to move more, as my gut was not always "at work" I felt lighter and more energized
  • More Time, as I saved myself the hassle of cooking/cleaning in the morning

Here I am 30-days later and although my eating habits might change in the future for now I keep on doing those fasting intervals in a 16/8 scheme.

"Fasting for 16h a day while eating within an 8h timeframe, just feels right at the moment!"

But do NOT take my word for it. 

I would like to encourage you to JUST TRY FOR YOURSELF. 

I will not guarantee you will loose fat, gain muscle or any other benefit that I shared with you. Except this:

You will sharpen your intuition, gain body awareness and increase your self-esteem, IF you have the courage to start and the discipline to persist.

This is you? Are you ready for such a challenge?

Here are my top 5 tips to make your intermitted fasting challenge a success:

Tip #1 for intermitted fasting success: Pick your rhythm 

There are different types of interval fasting you could play with for now I suggest to pick the 16 / 8 method. Choose your time of breakfast (breaking the fast) then add up 8 hours. 

i.E. Breaking fast at 11 am & finishing your last meal before 7pm.

Try to stick to those time to the best of your ability. That helps your body adapt faster which means less hunger, better hormonal response etc.

Tip #2 for intermitted fasting success: Focus on quality nutrition

Intuitively everybody knows what food are considered healthy and which aren't. In case you don't, please remember your grandma: "Eat as natural as possible with a good balance between veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, meats and fish." Avoid things that are not produced by mother nature.

Tip #3 for intermitted fasting success: Drink lots of water

Drinking water is generally a good idea to nourish the body and help him get rid of the waste products created in our bodies. It also decreases hunger. 

Bonus tip: Coffee in the morning helped me tremendously to bridge the time before my first meal.

Tip #4 for intermitted fasting success: Balance your makro nutrients

Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat are considered macronutrients. Imagine that carbohydrates are somehow a counterpart to protein and fat. You need to find the balance between them that fit your body type the most. For a in depth guide please refer to "Metabolic Typing" from William L. Wallace.

To keep things practical and simple remember this:

  • Less Carbohydrates and more Protein/Fat, keeps you satisfied longer.
  • If your energy is way to low, you might want to increase your carbs (not sugar but quality carbs like potatoes, oats, brown rice, veggies... ) a bit.

Simple, but it worked wonders for me.

Tip #5 for intermitted fasting success: Do NOT be holier than thou

Do yourself and everybody around a favor, by not being too strict.

This is not a license to discard discipline, but you gotta ask yourself: 

  • Is it really that big of a deal if you eat sooner or later that day because you just enjoyed your time in nature/with friends?
  • Your grandma put so much love and effort into baking that cake. Why don't you just eat it to make her smile and feel appreciated?
  • You where disciplined in so many things and made progress, don't you feel worthy enough to reward yourself regularly?

I experienced both sides.

There was a time I was so strict and disciplined that I offended most people around me and robbed myself of joy and pleasure.

On the other hand there was a time I indulged in every seductive behavior you can imagine without thinking about the longterm effects.

And I still do!

But these days in total awareness...

A balancing act between the forces. Being an ascetic and a hedonist at the same time. 

Cherishing the freedom of choice.

The freedom of exploration.

The freedom of life

Are you ready for your quest towards total freedom?

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About the author 

Martin Brombeis

Just a guy like you who decided to break out of the cage of society and pursue a quest towards freedom.

For almost 11 years I suffered from depression which literally forced me into personal development. After testing hundreds of principles, strategies, online courses, books, seminars, challenges and methods I realized that my illness is my greatest gift.

Depression became the fuel for constant exploration, self-discovery & self-realization which lead me towards more freedom & happiness. 

My mission is to help you discover your individual growth challenge so you can realize your true self, build self-esteem and find your definition of freedom.

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