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"You are afraid of death, but how is the life you are living right now any different?" 
- Seneca

Fear prevents us from doing the things we really want to do.  
It robs us the courage to say "yes" to life and fulfillment remains a daydream. 

You want to fill your ​existence with something that makes you feel alive

​All right.

"Shut your brain up and move!"

Sounds weird at first, but it is scientifically proven.

Stay with me for a bit, in this article you will learn how it works. 


Can you beat fear in 5 seconds?

I would like to introduce you to one of the most valuable principles I have ever learned when it comes to "Taking control of ones life"... 

Ironically I learned this from an everyday women named Mel Robbins.
She kicked my butt so hard I thought military icons such as Jocko Willink or David Goggins must have undergone a training of hers. At least that would explain why those guys are the hardcore m*f* they are.

I'm talking about the 5 second rule.

Sit up, this is how it works:

1. Make a decision
2. Act within 5 seconds
3. Instantly destroy fear, self-doubt & uncertainty.

Can it really be that easy?

Are extraordinary results achieved by this little habit?

Let me share with you why this rule will help you to enhance your courage and self-confidence - just like it did for me! Here is the subtitle:

"Transform your life, work and confidence with EVERYDAY COURAGE"

Daily courage.

Wow, that appealed to me!

Everyone can be brave... 
In certain moments...
When one is surrounded by his crew...
When talking about a topic in which one is an expert...

Simply put: You are courageous within your comfort zone. Where no shit is going to happen.

But what about moments of uncertainty?
In moments when you are alone?
In the moments when nobody is watching?

"Daily courage."

I repeated it like a mantra and my brain turned words into images of ancient heroes, gods and mysticism.
Also some of my role models crossed my mind.

They all had one thing in common:


I felt empowered through the presence of those heroes .
Yet at the same time their fearlessness, sacrifice and courage seemed untouchable for an average joe like me...

So heres the question:

Is there a way you can tap into the same power, decisiveness and strength like these super humans?

There is...
The 5 second rule.

Every time you use it you'll feel strong & confident. And above all: proud of yourself. (Which could be equal to self-esteem and happiness)

Unfortunately you got one problem left...

You are currently still reading but haven't applied it yet.

So let me help to change that.

​Here is the easy 2-Step-Process:

First you gotta make a decision. It could be something as simple as:

- Get up and make your bed as soon as the alarm goes off
- When eating in the restaurant: Pick the healthy option
- Adress the pretty woman you just saw
- Speak up and take a stance in a social situation
- Say "yes" you got the chance to experience something you haven't before

Next you gotta act within 5 seconds.

You literally count down from 5 to 0 and your job is to physically move within 5 seconds to shut your brain off.

That's the big challenge​: To literally count and move before the ticker hits zero!

All that follows is trifle.

"Do what you fear and the fear disappears." - Seth Dahl

You will see that the fear disappears as soon as you start acting upon it. 

It's the 5 seconds that matters!

The cool thing is that 95% of the fear is not even real.

We are Da Vincis when we are asked to paint horror scenarios of things that could go wrong. 

With all the effort and focus we put on our potential failures we finally reached the point where we are frozen. Not able to act and rise above our circumstances.

​But maybe this is what you tried to achieve in the first place?

Maybe you want to procrastinate so you can stay in your safety zone. Where things are warm and comfy.

​Most people choose that option.

So it is not a shame. 

But you have a price to pay.

The price is your own self-esteem, your courage and the sacrifice of your true life goals.

So you gotta ask yourself this question:

Is the comfort zone really so much nicer than pinching your buttocks together for a brief moment?
What would you like to feel afterwards?

If I can make a suggestion it would be this:

Try it out!

Next time you made a decision - small or big - count.

Don't let your fear run wild and use this simple trick you just learned. You can thank me later, my dear.

Life is about moments, isn't it?

Those moments that make time stop.

The moment when you see something so vast it takes your breath away.
The moment you exhaust yourself fully in a quest.
The moment you drown in the eyes of a gorgeous women.

The moment when you take that leap of faith and act upon your instincts.

It is just 5 seconds of courage that you need to transform your life forever.

In the end, it does not matter how long you lived, but how intense and self-determined.

Wouldn't you agree?

👇Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts. That would be appreciated. 👇


The 5-second rule is one of the most powerful principles you can use in everyday life to overcome fear, gain courage and move closer to your dreams.

Start with a simple thing like getting up within the first 5 seconds after your alarm sounds. Once you've done that for a week or two, you'll see the power of that habit.

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Depression became the fuel for constant exploration, self-discovery & self-realization which lead me towards more freedom & happiness. 

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